How to Find Real Work From Home Customer Service Jobs Paying Guaranteed Salary


Work from Home jobs customers are attractive for a number of reasons:

1. Anyone with a home office and a minimal amount of service experience can get hired.
2. No in-person interviews are necessary, usually just a brief telephone interview.
3. The work is relatively easy and low stress.
4. You can be located anywhere in the country.
5. You will earn a guaranteed hourly wage, usually $ 8 to $ 12, plus bonus incentives if someone sell (upgrading) the case.
6. Shifts are available at all times of day and night.
7. Shifts are short – usually only 6 hours.
8. Perfect for stay-at-home parents looking to improve family income.

However, finding a legitimate work from home customer job, or legitimate telecommuting job for that matter, can literally feel like a job in itself. Where are these jobs include? When it comes to work in places at home, most online job boards jam packed with deceptive job offer, business, etc. The dominant bait and switch trick you will see is a company based advertising that sounds like a legitimate job offer which actually turns a “business opportunity in disguise” that will generally end up costing you anywhere from $ 50 to $ 500 should you choose to participate. Make no mistake … I’m not here to tell you that all business opportunities are fraudulent in nature. There are both good and bad companies in every industry and a lot of people have made money in MLM, affiliate marketing, etc. I just want to clarify that there is a big difference between working at home business and work from home customer job. Business opportunities need to buy a small franchise, or system, and then use that information to actually start and run your own business, which is never as easy as it sounds. Even if you do not have to worry about billing, order fulfillment, etc. you still have costs and competition is fierce in almost every online niche. Perhaps the most important distinction that we Biz Opps there are no guarantees that you will make money, even enough to recover the initial investment. The Federal Trade Commission says that over 95% of all home-based start-ups fail almost immediately, due to insufficient operating capital and resources. A work from home customer work, on the other hand, is just like a normal call center job in the sense that you have a mentor, plan, and secured paycheck … The difference is that you are able to work from home office anywhere in the country.

It is frustrating for job seekers to constantly encounter business ads on major online job boards, especially if you are only interested in real work from home services customer jobs pay guaranteed wage. If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve already gone to scroll through pages of help wanted ads, and maybe you’re already close to wits end phone. Fortunately, there are several ways you can change the direction, the spring ahead of the game, save time and avoid bogus advertising industries. Real work from home customer jobs are not available, the following section goes over some free and low cost resources and technology to find them. Also below are some practical tips for getting hired.

If you are going to use any of the popular free job boards looking for work from home customer jobs you will want to avoid looking for it may seem like the obvious keywords . The main word to avoid include “work from home” and “work at home” because they are the most frequently searched words and are targeted at companies advertising business that you are trying to avoid. Trying to search for the words “flexible” and “family friendly” and “Telecommute” and “telework” and “telecommuting” because they will probably call the appropriate conclusions.

The persistence of free job boards to find diamonds in the rough, but they can offer little in terms of entry level telework because there are so many people browsing the listings. As more and more companies save money by reducing office space and convert to a home-based employment model, telecommuting is becoming popular enough to justify the appearance of a new type of job boards – telecommuting job boards. The price of admission for job seekers may be as little as $ 14.95 and what you will get is a woman a database filled only with legitimate jobs that have been hand-screened by staff to weed out scams and business advertising. You will often find 100+ customers work from home jobs posted by reputable companies. Other categories telecommuter work among sales, writer / editor, medical billing, Answering Service operators, administrative work, technical support, consulting, research, online teaching, transcription, data entry, virtual assistant, etc. If you can afford a small price of admission, participate in professional telecommuter job board is sure to knock hours of job search.

find the right job is half the battle. Time to get hired. Make sure you emphasize customer service experience of the application and new. Most virtual call center jobs like to see 12 months, 6 months experience handling inbound calls can suffice. Sometimes if you are willing to work experience is not required. One huge tip that I can not emphasize enough when you’re applying for a job at Home client work is to upload pictures of your home office or workspace along with your application / resume. One or two photographs is fine. Do not go overboard. Make sure the work area is clean and professional. Many recruiters have indicated to have a neat, neat, dedicated work space in your home speaks volumes about the character and how effective you will be as telecommuting employee. Sending pictures of soda and pizza box littered dungeon probably will not help you too much. Attach photos of admirable work area is an easy way for you to stand out as good a job candidate. Remember, while working from home never have suggested looking over your shoulder telling you what to do, so it helps to show the hiring manager that you can be organized on your own. Also, if you have a fairly new computer, dust it off, and include a picture of it as well, or make sure it is visible in one of the images of the workspace.

Once you find work from home customer service job and apply the hiring process is generally rather short. If there are openings and you have some previous customer service experience (either at home or in a call center) you will probably get an interview. Fortunately, 90% of the time you will not be required to travel anywhere and sit through in-person interview. Instead, you must talk to the hiring manager by phone for a short (15 minutes) a telephone interview. This is good! Phone interviews are much less stressful and time-consuming than live interviews. Still, be sure to still take seriously a telephone interview. Hiring managers of large virtual call centers speak with new (and equally qualified) applicants on a daily basis, so you need to be on the team. It may sound obvious, but if it’s loud TV or a crying child in the background, no matter how qualified you are quickly going to the bottom of the pile, or deleted. So be sure you are in a quiet room with the door closed, using a phone connected to most landline. Have your resume close by so you can verify the information. You can also have notes well that no one can see you. Come across as friendly and eager to work! After all it is the customer service job …


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