How To Start Your Own Virtual Supplemental Education Services (SES): After School Tutoring Program


The type of business that offers federally funded supplementary educational services (SES) tutoring has changed drastically in some cases from years before. In the beginning, quite well-known companies and non-profit organizations that already offer private lessons Services SES tutoring services to school districts. Many parents, already familiar with the names and services these companies provide, were happy to get free tuition for their children. School districts were glad to get help for the children to experience the most challenges and were excited at the prospect of growing school achievement.

In some school districts, enrollment was paltry by districts simply do not have the staff, experience, time or money to implement mandated teaching requirement in the way the federal government for themselves. The federal government then stepped in to make it clear that school districts were to be advertised for parents that their children were eligible for free tuition to increase enrollment. By that time, SES exploded. The number of participating children increased along with the number of providers, particularly small independent providers. During the first 2 years SES, principals, teachers and other teachers watched program in action and in some cases, eventually hired by well-known companies to implement their plans. Those people began to understand that they would be very successful in conceiving and running programs because they were intimately familiar with their students and the challenges they face performance.

Number of provider applications in some countries has doubled every year and because of No Child Left Behind Act has set a benchmark themselves for qualification, the number of children involved continues to rise as well. The economy also played a contributing, yet unforeseen, involved in this phenomenon. With the increase in unemployment, the number of children eligible for free and reduced lunch increased thereby increasing the number of children’s rights. This combined with increased layoffs of teachers, all worked to create the current state SES. There are now hundreds of SES tutoring companies that are providing SES tutorial services for millions of children across the United States. But for many, few have taken some bold steps in venturing into the virtual realm. Changes education, more and more of it will be done remotely. If you are considering starting an online / virtual supplementary education service training organization, there are a few things you should consider before launching your business.

Each SES tutoring companies should strive to be as efficient and cost effective as possible and strategic use of technology is a great way to cut marketing costs as well as operating costs. Still other SES companies have chosen to run Virtual SES tutoring program using laptops, webcams, Skype, Portable Headphones, on my computer, MiFi Hot Spots ($ 20 – $ 80) – Verizon or a contract, Virgin Mobile and / or Clearwire (in some areas) – no deal ($ 35 – $ 60).

There are various online applications that will either support existing educational books and curriculum or are stand-alone applications, and others who use technology tools to present material to students. Standalone applications are fairly simple, you pay the license fee for each child (usually $ 5 to $ 10 per child per month or $ 99 a year is going to be typical) for a child to have unlimited access to their program. Many programs are interactive and are tailored specifically to each child’s learning ability. Learning CD will usually cost you a one time fee you would be able to use the same CD for many children.

This is a necessary part of any curriculum that re-quires the student to have access to the Internet. You can not rely on the school system to provide computers though you can certainly ask if they would allow you to use their computer lab. There are a couple of things to note here especially when it comes to cost and students actually be able to use the laptop. Do not buy any equipment that is unable to handle at least basic windows. Windows CE for example, the same type of software you will find on mobile devices and multiple applications, particularly interactive program your will again require additional capabilities. Netbooks are not a good idea, they are not designed to handle the most interactive online curriculum and if you get a guarantee against a loss, you are bound to run into problems with broken equipment.

It may take some time to really do your research to find cost effective laptop computers and the laptops can probably need to find overseas but your time is well spent looking Laptops rather than Netbooks.

You should know if you are running an online program that some countries and / or regions that do not allow online SES tutoring programs – such as Connecticut. Before deciding which states that ticket, you may want to contact your state education agency and consulting the state website to confirm that the online / virtual teaching is acceptable for additional education services.


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