Work at Home Online and make money


If you really know what you can do, work at home online jobs may be the right choice for those who want to spend more time at home. These jobs not only provide you the comfort of your home, but also help you to beat the recession. The gaining popularity of work from home jobs has always attracted many people as you are free to make as much money as you want. There are many scams emerging on the Internet every day offer that you can make $ 1000 to $ 5000 per month, yes, they are all “scam”. I was also desperately looking for work at home online jobs, but they seemed absolute scam. With all the scams it was difficult to find a single work, but now everything was good, now I’m earning a reasonable amount of money. With the charm of the Internet are thousands Legitimate Work at home jobs for you to choose. But it is up to you to find the right one for you. There are numerous online jobs as Online Data Entry jobs, freelance writing jobs, affiliate marketing, resume writing jobs, typing jobs, earn while you blog, web design, virtual assistant job, review writing, programming and the list goes on.

Well, to start work all you need is a computer and high speed Internet connection and of course you need to have basic computer knowledge and passion for work. No matter who you are how old you are or where you’re from work at home jobs are for you literally you have to be passionate and sincere in their work. If you want to work from home it is not that difficult to get a job for you to provide you put your best effort in finding the right choice that suits passion and competence.

Online Tutor Jobs

An online tutor job requires good qualification along with a computer and Internet connection. If you have good skills and qualifications in the subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry or any other language you can sign in any companies that offer teacher jobs and earn a fair amount.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcription is another work at home online jobs provides excellent employment opportunities, although it requires some special training. These jobs require skills transcription of medical records for your customers. Along with good listening skills, basic computer knowledge and good typing speed necessary.

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs and freelance writing jobs are one of the most common online jobs. Data Entry jobs also requires very good typing speed and more stress its free compared to others. If you have adequate English vocabulary you van also tries his hands on freelance writing jobs. You can either write the article for a greater variety of materials in customer demand or stick to your area of ​​expertise.

If you happen to have knowledge about web design, then try your luck in the same field. It might not be that easy to win a bid that there will be many other designers like you who have placed their bids. So first of all you have to do to build a more compelling and attractive profile to compete with others.

Work at home jobs are not a myth, it is a reality that helps people to earn income provides you work hard for it like any other job.

“Money will not create success, the freedom to make it will” – Nelson Mandela.

Yes it is true.


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Loyalty Kiosk Programs The Latest Rage In SMS Marketing


Most small businesses have been utilizing loyalty punch cards for their business for decades; the problem with the old way of doing this, the customer loses the card or never have it with them when they need it. I can not even remember a time when I actually ended punch cards for loyalty program I have ever had in my wallet before I lost the card.

There are some shortcomings with the old loyalty card. Companies that have been distributing these cards have no way of knowing how many they have delivered, how often loyal their customers are coming in, no way to remarketing to themselves and no way to track redemptions when the customer came to to buy back.

Now comes the latest technology of SMS marketing world, the advent of loyalty kiosks, these kiosks part of cloud based sas platform that completely changes the game for small local business owner. With this latest technology businesses can now set the table or I pad on sale in the business, so when customers pay, they can enter the business loyalty program by entering their mobile number at the kiosk. Now every time they come in they can get real punch by typing the number into the kiosk again so as to achieve the other team towards their reward.

This eliminates the need to keep track of loyalty for small business client but more importantly for the local business owner is the fact that they can now build a database of loyal customers. The fact of the matter is that 55 to 70% of small businesses profit is generated from 20% of the companies loyal customers.

Now with this database business owner can now use SMS platform in connection with loyalty kiosk software to send out promotions, offers and offers the most loyal customers. By getting customers to come in for just 1 or 2 additional visits will add significantly to their bottom lines.

Most of the benefits associated with loyalty kiosk software has the ability to monitor various measurements of the behavior of their customers so that the company can actually create reports that will help them determine which promotions are working and which comes in and redeem their offers.

Also, with the majority of these platforms, companies can now send out mobile coupons to their customers and mobile coupons are redeemed at 10X faster than traditional coupons.


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What does it take to create a successful online business?


Creating a successful online business much more than putting a website on the internet and then sit back and wait for customers to come rushing to your site to purchase goods and services.

No matter what industry you are in, there are a number of steps you need to take care to succeed. Here are 5 steps that every successful online entrepreneur says.

1. Consistently providing value

There is a lot of competition online there will be other companies selling similar products and services that are very similar to yours. prospects will have a reason to buy from you and most effective way to do that is to consistently provide the best possible value. What are the problems that they deal with day-to-day? How and what can you do to help them? By giving useful information potential they will come to know, like and trust you. And when they are ready to buy, you must be the first person they come.

2. Selling top quality products and services

It takes a reasonable time to develop online reputation phone, but it can be broken very quickly if you sell poor quality products that do not deliver what you promised. Whether you sell your own products or you sell other people’s products using affiliate marketing business, do not be tempted to sell low quality products to make a quick buck.

3. Continuously build List

List building is one of the most important elements to create a successful online business. That’s where to get the email addresses of people who have shown interest in products or services. Once you have their email address can be in touch with them, rather than hope they will come back to your website. Every person added to the list is a new look. The most effective way to build a list is to provide target audience something of value in return for their email address.

4. Be available

Ensure that your website has a ‘contact me’ page that allows people to get in touch with you. When someone says your blog post or on one of the social media updates, make an effort to respond. As your business grows, this could be more challenging than it is when you can hire a virtual assistant to help you with your customer relations.

5. Continue to learn

When you start an online business, you can not sit for back and think you know everything there is to know. As you build your business, build your knowledge. Remember, success is a journey, not a destination. Take the time to learn new skills and keep up to date, so that you can remain one step ahead of the competition.


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Cyber ​​hackers can Mess With Google – Are you afraid for your business?


If you’ve been reading the news lately and picking up all the commotion surrounding the hack attacks on some of the big guns like Google, Yahoo and Adobe you may be experiencing a twinge of anxiety over security for your own business. You may have thought the network was invincible so this news could leave you feeling shaky. You have good reason to feel this way – according to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald the number of hackers tampering with the financial information belonging to Australian companies is increasing. Obviously using the Internet and intranet for the company has become a viable solution to complete the target, but on the downside the criminal faction as much opportunity.

Australia’s Frequent Target for Cyber ​​Crime

Symantec, data security company announced that the Australian and New Zealand businesses suffer 75% more safety fraction than the global average of 89% of the companies polled in the 12 months to recognize at least one intervention. Hackers are not necessarily going after the major companies where they can do away with large sums of money. Like any other thief, they go where the risks are low and they can get in and out of the system quickly and without detection. The fact is you do not have to be at any particular level of business profitability to target. Smaller companies tend to use less comprehensive IT security that makes them more susceptible. Generally hackers are interested in easy money.

Google and other large companies are not exempt

The threat is not always revolve around banking information or sensitive intellectual property. As Google discovered in December 2009, issues such as human rights are at stake in cyber attacks. The advertising and search giant was appalled to highly organized effort dubbed “Aurora” was made to hack into Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. They managed to infiltrate only two accounts were not able to see the actual correspondence account holders. The action put Google in a situation where it found it necessary to warn Chinese human rights community attack and preparing to reduce business ties with China. Officials at Google did not directly accuse the Chinese government of being the perpetrators, but they decided to go to do business with land-based attempts to limit free speech on the internet. Google said concern for the safety of Chinese citizens and the possibility for them to be interrogated and imprisoned.

There were at least 20 other large internet, media, finance and technology companies included in the attack: Yahoo, Adobe, Symantec, Dow Chemical and Northrop Grumman to name a few. It was established through a technique called “spear phishing.” This resembles the attack against 100 IT companies in July 2009 where company employees were targeted with infected e-mail attachment.

SMEs have Minimal Defense

Most companies are totally defenseless against these sophisticated attacks. They use instant messaging and email which seems innocent at first because the sender appear to be friends and trusted colleagues. The message is optimized to avoid anti-virus programs designed for these applications. Clearly the best practices for IT security that have successfully kept the attackers at bay for years are no longer enough. It is an innovative caliber of attacks circulating around the world use customized malware written specifically for individual companies. Hackers do not seem to mind if it takes longer to get around antivirus software in use by large corporations. They continue to carefully optimize their malware until it is effective. Smaller companies that do not have the budget for large-scale security have not stood a chance. Hackers have the ability to commandeer laptop only one person and make it a gateway for all administrative access to the entire system of the company.

The security company, ISEC Partners studied attack on Google and the ensuing business we make fundamental changes in the way we protect our networks. They say that we simply have not been prepared for the level of sophistication demonstrated by the new cyber criminals.

Hacker Stories in the Australian news

Internet news sites reported to the direct effects of cyber hacking in Australia. Today Online posted a story on the topic called “Ghostbuster” that has been targeting Melbourne businesses as a response to violence against Indians. Whoever behind the attacks has been sending threatening email stating Australian servers will be hacked to racism against Indian nationals is completed. The action came in the wake of the murder of 21-year-old Punjabi student in January 2010. Several Melbourne company was violence when the entire network was thrown into chaos.

The technical section is The Age report on the effects of government websites by hackers associated with the group “Anonymous”, known for its attacks on Scientology. This is the same group that temporarily blasted pornography over your Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is. On the morning of February 10, 2010 a number of government sites were down. The attack was in opposition to the government’s plans for internet censorship. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy was not happy with the fact that Australian citizens could not get needed services online and found that it was irresponsible on the part of hackers.

The Sydney Morning Herald one reporter recalls statistics there are now more mobile phones in the country than Australians. It is not uncommon for a person to have two or three. The rising use of wireless broadband provides access and convenience for subscribers, but it also expands the territory for cyber criminals. As there are more obstacles cyber hacking wireless devices than terrestrial networks, such as the cost of making a call. But with advances in mobile phone technology to the point where it can replace the need to have a laptop the potential target for hackers present. The actual device can be safe and Wi-Fi networks, often free and faster for users in public places is a temptation for cyber criminals. You may think that you have linked to the site operated by the airport, hotel or coffee shop, but there is no way to know for sure who controls the IP address that now has access to everything on your computer or mobile phone. It is not difficult for hackers to introduce fake website that you think you can rest assured that they can use to steal from your system at any time in the future.

Millions of dollars stolen everyday from individuals and companies that use the Internet. We are warned often of viruses, worms and phishing scams, but somehow we get caught anyway. The situation is getting worse as hackers become better adept at breaking down a unique system designed to keep them out. If you are still experiencing discomfort of network vulnerability, it will pay off to attend to your gut feeling.


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3 Online business that are safe and easy to start


So you are looking for the best online business? Since 2005 Web-based business option has grown to become an international trend that people retake control over their lifestyles and be employed independently. This economic collapse encourages more and more people in self-employment an internet-based business. In this article today, we will explore different ways to produce internet business opportunities.

Here are 3 affordable online business you could start using the laptop or computer that you are working with right this moment. A virtual assistant is an independent service that provides administrative, creative and technical web work for busy individuals who do not have time. Becoming a virtual assistant can also assist you in developing the overall skills while mastering the brand new ones.

Next, freelance writing is yet another in the list of online business that has skyrocketed along with the growth and development of the world-wide web. The Internet is a place where the content is king, which means that there will always be a need for a professional internet that can produce blog posts and articles about other people who would be very happy to rent out the work.

Your third among this selection of cheap and safe online business one might undertake is bogging. Running a blog is definitely a great solution to create a superior line of cash if you are able to bring the audience responsive material you are covering. Now, cash is created when you can find a way to turn this targeted traffic into dollars and there are countless ways to do achieve that you must evaluate what is best for you.

online business can not only provide a good income, but it can also allow you to make residual income for life. If you are a complete newbie, there are a lot of totally free information available to every internet business prospects defined previously. If you are looking to start with any of these three low-cost web-based business prospects, it is important that you take the time to research what you want in order to make a quick choice that can become a bad one.

Whenever you conclude investigating potential online business, you will have enough information to decide on the one that will give you exactly what you need , regardless of whether it is to exchange or get a full-time, help you to create a reliable cash flow work in a handful of extra hours, or maybe do a little more to get a little extra cash. I trust this informative article was of some use, and finally to note, when you are looking for web-based options trading make sure to look in on-line business reviews also.


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The Basics of Starting an Online Business With Zero Investment


people who know how to start an online business has been changing their destiny by making a huge amount of money. Online companies are in huge demand these days. Many large and small companies prefer outsourcing their work by hiring virtual assistants and online market rather than hiring full-time employee. Furthermore online presence has become an essential part of any business with a growing number of online shoppers worldwide. Like any other business, you have to put in efforts to become a successful online entrepreneur; However, starting an online business is not a Herculean task if you know the basics. In this article we will focus on the top online business opportunities that will help you start an online business with ease.

1. Make policy to set up a business: Online entrepreneurs can explore many options to make money through online business. Nevertheless, it is advisable to stop the easiest options to begin with. When you make up your mind to sell any product or service, the next step is to follow the business plan to follow. Strategic planning keeps you organized and make your online business prosper. The key goal should be to make your product or service as excellent and can achieve a competitive advantage in the niche.

2. Install Neat Website: Launch a website for the product or service you want to sell. Along with the design and layout, make sure that you use a flawless content on your website. Material acts as a soul of any website and talk about your professionalism in volume. So make sure you add fresh, relevant and informative content on your website to increase online traffic. At the same time, if your blog is your passion, try to integrate your blog with your website to keep your target audience involved. This is a great way to connect with your target audiences.

3. Start offer virtual assistance services: Virtual assistants are quite in demand for the valuable service they provide different institutions from any corner of the world. You can also become a home-based virtual assistant by offering technical, creative or secretariat assistance to clients from your home office. However, you should be proficient enough in a niche business to provide cleaning services to customers, and to strengthen your customer base.

4. Become a Software Developer: This is yet another lucrative option for prospective online entrepreneurs. However, starting a software development company is not a cakewalk for beginners. It is very difficult to work on projects with zero reputation where you are starting from scratch. In order to start a software development company online, the first step is to set up a compelling online portfolio to attract customers. Thus, many developers take advantage of the early period in building up a reputation by offering free services to start-ups or any organization looking for software development services. Consequently, stories received beginner online entrepreneurs play a key role in enhancing the reputation Besides drawing new customers.

5. Try Affiliate Marketing: You can become an online entrepreneur to try his hand at affiliate marketing, which has emerged as the colossal online industry over the years. Affiliate marketers directing online traffic to different e-commerce sites through their website or through online advertising. Affiliate marketers make money by getting a commission on every sale generated due to driving traffic to a specific e-commerce sites. As a beginner, you should ideally do affiliate marketing for sites that you know. Affiliate marketing is one of the top online business opportunities that produce sure shot results.


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Challenges and Success Achievement factor for virtual organization Concept


1. Introduction

When we look at the literature on virtual organizations, we see that attention is primarily focused on virtual organization as a network organization, include changes in the nature of organizational boundaries. Network technology facilitate the processes of in- and exclusion of people and resources. Therefore, typologies virtual organization forms are often focused on the description of the specific pattern of the communication network. The question can be posed if the network metaphor is prominent enough to describe a virtual organization, the virtual organizations resemble too much idea of ​​network planning. One reason reflects the idea of ​​electronic networks and network organizations are essentially the same; or a virtual organization mirrors the electronic network which is seen as the basis for the development of a virtual organization. Other typologies are based on a combination of success reached factor. In all these typologies a deterministic relationship is suggested between development, environment, performance ,. … Est. virtual organization and some obstacles and how to solve it. However, doubt whether this is a promising perspective. Virtual Corporation Similar to the Virtual Business, Virtual Corporation can operate without physical identity (on-line business, such as

2. The term virtual organization

Looking at the literature on virtual organizations, one stumbles on a variety of definitions; a variety that does not induce systematic research in this new organizational phenomenon. In the literature, are virtual entities described by a point on the following characteristics:

– The actual layout of the network setup. In this approach the emphasis lies on location independent and separate temporary cooperation which is based on the concept of cohesion. Information and communication technology (ICT) supports cooperation between these organizations by facilitating the exchange, dissemination and sharing of information, knowledge, know how and other scarce and valuable resource.

– The virtual organization which fact and fiction. Virtuality points on the concept of “something seems to be when in fact it is not.” The virtual organization points out situations where people or facilities that are not part of an organization affiliated with it as it was. In this approach the emphasis lies in the contrast between people and resources in some cases, are clearly part of the organization, but in other cases they are not.

– The virtual organization as an organization in cyberspace. Cyberspace represents a particular real and imaged space where people meet in electronically mediated and simulated space. The focus lies on the establishment of ‘information space’, which is created through the connection of computers and computer networks. The creation of this space facilitates the sharing of information and knowledge, as well as electronic communication. This relationship results in the creation of spaces flow, is compressed in time -Describes virtual organizations that space flows, which are subject setup time lease social practices that work through flows (of information, resources, images, sounds, symbols and communication) between agencies and individuals.

– The virtual organization as the organization of memory. Central is the idea of ​​the dynamic allocation of data processing capacity within a network connected computers and computer networks. Time-sharing, made possible by the connection of computers and networks, makes syndication and the use of information and knowledge within the service. Connecting data processing capability enables organizations to develop a common memory, across organizational boundaries. policy (challenges) of Virtual Organizations company

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of a virtual organization is that it can be combined very qualified people without restrictions location. Other reasons an organization would want to consider a virtual rather than traditional is to utilize the skills of organization, providing customers with “best and brightest” Balance work / home relationship, Vista setup overhead costs

real teams and real institutions obviously facing many of the same opportunities and challenges. However, the actual structure is a higher risk of failure, with higher risk as well. The high internal demand of virtual team result in a higher degree of performance. A virtual organization, however, will be somewhat more diluted in a particularly interactive, because there will be many teams working on many projects, and requires even more work to do all the team feels more connected.

It requires a new management approach and extraordinary awareness of the issues and challenges that could cause its demise. In a recent focus group of representatives of twenty-one members of the virtual organization, but located in many places the site, the following subjects were recorded, Communication, Leadership / management, knowledge transfer, Processes, Infrastructure. As you might guess, good relations must evolve to become excellent communicators and core competency. For this particular company, it is actually a Communication Manager who has developed numerous communication vehicles, including: the internal network with the ability to share files, face-to-face group, team, and leader-ship meetings. In addition to all of the extra programs and vehicles for the agency, real workers to “go the extra mile” to keep others informed. It is a cultural shift for many and important personal and professional growth in a real organization. The organization and employees need to become active and constant communication. This leads to the second challenge this focus group – Infrastructure. Issues within the infrastructure included: Lack of proper backup tools, wasted administrative time (not on-site IT support), knowledge (loss of “water cooler” effect), and a need for connection.

As you can see there is an overlap of the two areas, especially waste administrative time and corporate connectivity. Bottom line is the virtual organization needs to invest in technology and training. It will provide employees with the right tools and support to promote success. At this particular company Virtual Help Desk was available to all members of this focus group. So turn my attention to what I believe is the most critical success factor of a virtual organization – the active and constant communication. It will be interesting to see the evolution of the virtual organization can be a wonderful alternative to traditional organization with many advantages to their employees provided management recognizes the challenges

4.Virtual Organization Success Factor cover

4.1 Structure, environment and transport

the structure affect the performance of institutional and structural dimensions are appropriate performance virtual organizations. It has long been argued that more dynamic external environment organization, the unpredictability of customer requirements, resources supply and similar factors, successful organizations would sink to less mechanistic and more flexible or organic structures. Successful companies appear to adopt structures that favor less form mount, more decentralization, and coordination of mature units, so try for increased organist. But such structural properties crucial in organizational performance. It has been shown turbulent external environment to affect the structure of the strategy chosen by companies to manage their market dynamics. Subject to mitigate strategic choice, extant literature has suggested that successful, high-performance organizations (large and small) in dynamic or turbulent environments tend to have certain characteristics structure. These properties are measured by the size of the design of such centralization, form attachment and complex. It has also been shown the relationship between structure and strategy to be meaningful in organizations facing dynamic environments. This relationship is also defined as “fit” between the structure and regulations and policies adopted by the agency. Simply stated, organizations that employ organic and flexible structure are likely to support changes in the strategic choice in a dynamic environment. Therefore, the adoption of strategic transformation, such as turnaround and reinvention, resulting in the rapid adaptation to environmental changes. For virtual organization, these findings are important guiding principles. Facing turbulent and highly dynamic environment, they must behave in a design that will “fit” the requirements of such an environment may impose on strategic behavior. Therefore, a design that provides flexibility and organist will be correlated with strategic capabilities and successfully and performance. There is a new project organizations concluded that new projects in emerging industries (such as virtual organizations) have a high correlation between their performance and their level of organist.

4.2 Virtual teams

The group is generally defined as a “small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach that they hold themselves mutually accountable.” The creation of groups, that is, the team, “is a normal part of the social behavior of people.” their importance for the organization lies in the fact that the team can make the organization “flexible, quality-conscious and competitive. According to” organizations recognize the impact on productivity of teams can use that knowledge to their advantage. “The virtual team (VT) is one of the forms, characteristic for virtual organizations. It can be often heard that virtual teams represent the basic cell of the virtual organization. There are various definitions of a virtual team. What most of these definitions have in common is fact that they focus on the members of the group are, in addition to being members of the team, separated (in space and / or time) and they communicate primarily by email. So, the real point is defined as “team (s ) of people who primarily interact electronically and who may meet face to face sometimes “or” self-managed knowledge team with distributed expertise, forms and dissolved to address specific organizational objectives “and” a group of people communication through interactive projects guided by common purpose “that” works across space, time and organizational boundaries with links strengthened by webs of communication technologies “.

it is precisely this definition, it is four essential issues basic model of VT “to keep something like a distributed network and something immediately as a virtual point-people associate with the purpose of time”. The point is important in any organization, will be key to virtual organizations and groups, as it is the “glue” that holds them together. In fact, it needs to establish a cooperative targets, individual projects and specific results. People make up the heart of the virtual team. One of the most importance factors is the high degree of autonomy or independence, the need for collaboration internally and is also recognized.

The relationship between the team members are important and must be able to be both face-to-face communication through information technology (ICT). Calendars are team-specific result deadlines, task-completion milestones and scheduled events, as well as holidays and other logistic significant dates that affect timing.

They are three elements to define virtual teams, geography Different places members: Virtual team members can be located in different places in the city or in different parts of the world. As distance increases and the more time zones are crossed, window synchronicity in working day narrows. And team members from different organizations are parts of the Agency: Team members may be from different institutions from different parts of the same organization. Finally, different length of time that members work together as a team: Depending on the role, the virtual team united around a project that lasts a few days, months or years. There are different variations of the virtual team.

Certain authors (see :. Snow et al, 1999, p.18) speak of, so called, “swarms” and some variants of the so-called “cross-organizational teams”. Distributed teams are (team) consists of people in the same organization who work in different locations, either interdependently, or separately. The basic variant of distributed teams are “task forces and project teams (as temporary items). Such teams are formed specifically to solve a particular problem or to perform a specific task. When the problem is resolved, or the task completed, the virtual team disappears (and team members return to normal duties). the basic variant of the so-called “cross-organizational teams” are “collocated cross organizational teams” are “distributed cross-organizational teams”. “collocated cross organizational teams consist of people from different organizations that work together in the same place. On the other hand, so-called “distributed cross-organizational teams” taking people from different agencies who work in different places.

4.3 Training advice

Training consultants interact with users to understand education requirements and define them in a way that can be used to build a personalized training programmed. And training / eLearning providers are also integrators, building bespoke training packages and co-ordination number of delivery to the end user content providers which are modular resources that can be used with training packages. The eLearning operator, the operator provides additional services, such as specialized portal, payment through a bank, etc., as well as private services that support strong security and contract management operational VO.

4.4 Properties of

Business difference lies in network capacity and virtuality. It is a great use of information and communication technologies that allow for portability, instant communication anywhere, anytime, and the ability to offer access to unlimited databases, information products and services. The distinction between business-to-business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) also allows for the instant exchange of information, regardless of location and time of day, and the ability to process an unlimited amount of data in virtual storage. Clearly, passenger-reaching consequences for the organization and management of the marketing function, and such issues as “business model,” the role of brands, and the cost of entry.

Networks allow for immediate orders and information to what is termed: The “24 7 at home.” Net also facilitates cooperation between dealer and customer. Such developments require changes in the process of communication, management and product flow within the virtual organization-thus affecting the composition of its value chain. Another feature of virtual organizations is networking beyond the boundaries of the enterprise, thus forming inter-organizational workflows, along with the problems associated with technical standards, connectivity, and cultural differences. This phenomenon of “extended enterprise” creates a myriad of development challenges (Eliezer Geisler, 2001)

5. virtual organization successful creation steps

(1) The virtual organization is created by people with common idea that over a period of time associated with ICT. Even the first contacts, which are the result of a common idea, there is a need for the establishment of team identity. The name of the team symbolically represents its identity.

(2) After the establishment of the identity of the VO there follow the activities whose aim is to show the purpose of the existence of the team. The team projects need to be developed in due time, that is, it has to be understandable and it is particularly important, it must be approved by each member VO. Having that in mind, the task goes out must come out with precision and accuracy. For some, this means writing down the purpose of the formal order; for some it is a list of results; still others will embrace diagram or picture that captures the essence of what the team is about. Any instructions and pro-posed result of sitting inside in a wider perspective, whether direct or indirect. Written down, the vision serves as the preamble projects and goals.

(3) For many teams, real or not, during the period from the first rapid vision to set out a clear objective can take as long as all the rest of your team. Commissioning can be frustratingly long or bewilderingly short. Set Destination represents the accelerated pace and advance preparation for implementation.

(4) Limit serve as headings for groups of projects and results. Well- conceived goals mark the major ingredients of the staff, and the seeds around which the team take shape to actually do the work.

(5) The team is the result of a goal-oriented people. If the team comes with the accuracy of certain information in accordance with its objectives, it, at the same time, it is advised that they should be hidden. The table with the names of the team members represents a very practical model file of the virtual organization members (which can also be used to create so-called virtual directory structure). The start list of the team members is rather dynamic. The people who entered the team having the original idea does not have to be regular members. Important people have to be hired, and the team may identify the places that are not filled, and called for the necessary education, experience, or representation. Lists of names give some necessary information about the team (eg team size).

In order to contact people in the virtual world, one must know their addresses. Contact data addresses are crucial for team activities and they usually provide the following: office location, post code, telephone number (office, home, car, cellular), fax number, e-mail. People who are included in the VO to be carefully selected. They have the necessary skills Posse is such, so-called “virtual behavior”, which allows them to be the strong? “Team players” and also confirms that the necessary flexibility. The VO members have to posses skills of information management, running on line meetings and discussions and were able to cope with technological change. What is more important, the team members to have a whole set of modes of behavior which included includes a daily “logging”, formal and informal communication, the ability to deal with an overdose of data, etc.

(6) What is extremely important for the creation of a successful VO is the creation of the corresponding relationship between the members. These relationships are the following: who will contact each and what the goal of mutual contacts will be. That is why the teams, especially those newly established, are advised to see the mutual relations of its members by forming, so-called, “Connection Card” that are required for VO goal accomplishment. The idea that each member VO should participate in all team project is a very serious risk of the team. That is why the need to establish clearly which projects require team members to be with and how.

(7) a very important moment in the creation of VO is the choice of a suitable medium (roads or means of communication and information). When choosing an appropriate medium, different things have to take into account: functionality that members make, the media are already used, settings soldier is to certain media, prepared team members to accept the media who are not instant use, etc. There are three main media type: face to face, the actual same time (synchronous), real asynchronous.

6. VO problems and how to solve them

The fact is that the process of creation and activity of the virtual organization are not simple. They are accompanied by various problems, from those arising from cultural differences between team members, sometimes quite unreal expectations of what they and other team members can and can not do, the problems relating to the coordination of all virtual organization members. Still, the following can be major problems:

(1) The problem (UN) trust among team members, it is supposed to be essential problem of the virtual organization is not physical, but was so called, psychological distance, among the members. The all present danger in most real point is that members who are from different parts belonging to different cultures and received different levels of technological feel some kind of fear of the way that their information will be used, or whether other members of the team will give the same contributions to the implementation mutual projects, etc. trust that prevents physical from psychological barrier will be communicating with team members. It takes some time to develop “on-line” trust, if little time is usually spent on it.

(2) Problems of communication inside the virtual organization different problems concerning communication represent a serious problem in the operation of a virtual team. One such problem is the inability to see the whole project. The members of the virtual team know what they do as individuals, but they are not always sure whether and how the results of their work “fit” as a whole, the overall impression of the team project. As a result, it sometimes can increase problems like delay in the information needed to complete certain tasks, and accordingly delay to finish all the work. Specific communication within virtual organization could even create some situations where a member of the virtual organization is not under stand the received message completely. What is needed to solve or moderate, reduce, the aforementioned problem of the virtual organization is very satisfactory control.

(3) The development of trust. This question has to be of central importance to the team managers. It is a fact that the old-fashioned ways of management based on continuous monitoring and control are not suitable for the actual situation.

(4) encourage direct (face to face) contacts, if at all possible. It is often pointed out that the virtual organization managers to organize at least one inaugural for virtual organization members, so that they can meet each other in person and develop some personal contacts. Such meetings, if they are possible at all, do human interaction and communication among virtual organization members stronger.

(5) To introduce the team members in the process and timetable for the project implementation. The basic idea is to enable team members to realize their own position on the whole team. This can be done by showing the whole plan through electronic means.

(6) In order to find a model how to avoid “delays”. This model can include, for example, obliged reply to the question, or the need to provide necessary information for the stated period (24 hours or 48 hours, etc.), or the obligation to send reports to any son for the answer that question has the right Ad-dress and giving the answer will take some time.

(7) To take records of each team member. Although it can be difficult to remove files every day, it is advisable to communicate the absence of a team member with other members (away from home, town) of time ..

(8) A framework for trust, security and contract management of a new economy based on virtual organizations requires an environment where business can quickly come together to share resources and work together to achieve the project objectives. Negotiation, monitoring and enforcement of contracts and agreements that takes into account the reliability of account, accounting, security and other issues, such as the ITA, will be an important factor in this environment. Moreover, there is a need for services to replace the trust inherent in the operation within an integrated real organization (trust colleagues, even when it is not known personally, confidence measures and procedures, etc), and trust between clients and an established service providers with clear legal identity and brand / reputation.

7. Conclusions

We expect the virtual organization concept will be widely adopted. It offers great business opportunities to provide services, in particular the current operators of telecommunications networks, data centers and application infrastructure. The existence of actual, type environment to create opportunities for companies and other organizations to form the enterprise network and other communities on a commercial or public foundation. The literature on traditional and sustainable institutions has been instrumental to the structure dimensions play in the performance and success of such organizations. The same results can be implemented in real organizations. These organizations are better served when they adopt a structure that offers flexibility and organist-measured with a design dimension form mount, department tion, centralization and complexity.

Thus, virtual organizations can learn from the experience. The relationship between environment, strategy and structure is as relevant to real organizations to get traditional institutions. As we accumulate experience knowledge in this regard, we can now address the unique characteristics of virtual organization claimed that this knowledge is highly relevant to their development and their success. Every organization, when faced with the challenges of a very dynamic external environment, will be at the design dimension in a way to provide it with sufficient agility and organ city, so radical strategic choices can be implemented in a timely and successful manner. Virtual organization is one of the forms of items typical for virtual organizations.

The virtual organization represents a group of people that primarily interact electronically and who may meet face to face sometimes. It is the team that, thanks to the special features of, above areal, temporal and organizational boundaries, and with numerous advantages enables an organization to achieve better results. The virtual organization creation represents a rather complicated process involving several stages: Create identity, draft projects, Slate mile-stones, set goals, identify the members, establish contacts and select media. The actual organization of the activities included a number of problems can be successfully solved only with satisfactory operation of the virtual organization management.


Source by Alla Talal Yassin

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