Terminal Server will help my business?


Now, by age, the next task can be difficult for some than others. Take your mind back to the days of mainframe computers. The green screen system with nothing but text on the monitors.

This system was actually the first “Terminal Servers” of his day. All brain functions of the system were passed to the server and fed to each terminal screen over the network. The terminals themselves do not really do much of anything except show information from the server.

Now it is almost the same, except these terminals now have colorful screen, mouse, audio and more. The servers have become insanely powerful, faster, smaller and more efficient. The idea really has not changed, however.

The server still do almost all the work while terminals (your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, etc.) simply connect to a server and bring you all the applications you need to do your job.

So will the terminal server help your business?

There is a question only you can answer, but here are some of the advantages that terminal or remote desktop server will bring to your organization:

Work from anywhere – Yes, that’s right! Since all you need is installed on the server instead of on your computer, you can connect from anywhere with an internet connection and be up and running. Great for mobile workforce or employees who work from home.

Work from any device – You can use a Mac, Windows PC, iPad, and even your smartphone if you can deal with such a small screen. Because the server has everything you need, the operating system on the device you are connecting from is irrelevant. As long as it has a remote desktop client program (they do) then you’re good to go.

Spend less money on computers – the bean counters in the business will love this! Since computers are no longer doing all the work, or have to constantly update with new versions of software, you can replace them less frequently. When you do replace them, you can buy cheaper ones too.

Save on software costs – You only need to purchase the software and licenses for the server, instead of all computers. Note you will still need to purchase a license for the number of users who connect but it can cost less in many cases.

Save on the cost – Since the IT business owner I do not always like to mention this aspect but you will actually save money on IT costs with Terminal Server. Since all your plans in one place, it means that we only have to update one system instead of all the computers in the office itself. If something is not working right, fix it once it is magically fixed for everyone.

OK so now you’re probably running your computer or to contact the company to get going on this. Wondering why you have not done this for years. Congratulations! You’ve just made a great decision for your business!

So something bad to use the terminal server in the office? Well … not really, but it is a wee bit of a problem that can be addressed by spending a few extra dollars to get a good server and employ even better company to set up and control it …

If something goes wrong with the server, all affected. Productivity is basically to a standstill. This is why you have to spend a little more money to get a very reliable and enhance server to handle the load of all using the same time and to ensure that it continues to run 24/7/365.

You (IT or business) also need to make sure that all the software you use from day to day will actually work on Terminal Server. Some software is just not written to work in a multi-user environment and simply not work.

This is something you need to discuss with the seller for a particular software packages. Most major software vendors out there and support this pretty near every Microsoft product will, of course, including Microsoft Office.


Source by Dylan Hodge

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