How to Create Maps Party invitation


Having a party and want to include a map in your commands to make sure your guests arrive on time and safely? Although GPS (Global Positioning System) system and online sites like Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest and make getting from point A to point B breeze, including the elegant, uncluttered card not only provides comfort appreciated, but is also the perfect compliment to your commands. They can be custom ordered or you can make them yourself.

Here is one way to create your own cards for two places, such as the wedding ceremony and reception

  1. The addresses of the wedding and reception, go to the Yahoo! Maps and enter the email address act as point A and receiving address that point B.
  2. Click Go. Please map is centered on the way you want it.
  3. Click Print.
  4. Click map only in new window open .
  5. Right-click on the map and click on save image. Save the card in the computer.
  6. Open PowerPoint slide and clear to work on.
  7. Go to Insert> Picture> From file and select the map you saved.
  8. Trace the main part of the map you want on the map. At the bottom toolbar, click on any form > Lines> Freeform. Now you have to trace tool. Adjust the thickness of the line by clicking on the icon Line Style (icon with lines of different thicknesses). A two and a quarter-point line works well. Start at the edge of the map outline and trace the outline of the map where you have to curve then click the mouse. Continue tracing until you need to curve back then click the mouse. You can click as many times as needed for accurate trace.
  9. Trace important streets with the same freeform line and slightly thinner point Line Style (1 point for main streets and the three-quarters point small streets).
  10. When you are ready to delete the original card image by clicking on it and pressing the delete key.
  11. You can change colors by clicking on Font Color. Add shapes using any form and text by with a text box. You can also add a collage by going to Insert> Picture> Clip Art.

for area map party place, try this method:

  1. go to Google Maps.
  2. Type the address of the party place.
  3. Click on the map.
  4. To zoom the map so that it fills the computer screen press the F11 key.
  5. Use the + or – the option to zoom in or out.
  6. simultaneously press the Ctrl (Control) and Print Screen keys, then copy and paste into a Word document.
  7. Using the Crop tool, crop in the map.
  8. Print the map and trace the main things you want with sharpie.
  9. Scan the card and make it track in Adobe Photoshop.
  10. Trace and color what items you want colored second, and spend the first track.
  11. Print on white vellum, card stock, paper theme-align, or align the colored paper that is at least a quarter inch larger on all four sides. Add more capabilities with craft scissors or decorative corner hit.

For those who are less technical, here’s a quick and simple way:

  1. Go to Google Maps.
  2. Type the address of the party place.
  3. Click on the map.
  4. To zoom the map so that it fills the computer screen press the F11 key.
  5. Use the + or – the option to zoom in or out.
  6. simultaneously press the Ctrl (Control) and Print Screen keys, then copy and paste into a Word document.
  7. Using the Crop tool, crop in the map.
  8. Right-click on the map and click Save Image As. Save the card in the computer.
  9. Open PowerPoint or desktop publishing program
  10. Go to Insert> Picture> From file (the picture is a card that you saved).
  11. Add a text box and enter instructions or information.
  12. Print on white vellum, card stock, theme-coordinate paper, colored paper or coordination of at least a quarter inch larger on all four sides. Add more capabilities with craft scissors or decorative corner hit.

For those who prefer to cut and paste, here is less technical way:

  1. Go
  2. Type the address of the party place.
  3. Click Get Map.
  4. Use the + or -slide bar on the left side of the map to zoom in or out.
  5. Click Print
  6. Cut out parts of the map you need and tape it to a blank piece of paper to make copies.
  7. Cut out the copied cards and put them to the white parchment, card stock, theme-coordinate paper, colored paper or coordination of at least a quarter inch larger on all four sides. Add more capabilities with craft scissors or decorative corner hit.

If you did not include directions to your party in the text of your card, knock them out and print them on white vellum, card stock, theme-align the paper, or align the colored paper . Here, too, you can add more capabilities with craft scissors or decorative corner hit.


Source by Ellen Henneke

Using Virtual Representatives agreements to avoid litigation


Sometimes it may be a legitimate question about the manner in which trust is given. Terms of trust can not provide guidance on how to proceed for a given situation. Under these circumstances, trustees or beneficiaries in the past might have had to seek a court order to allow them to continue.

The new section was recently added by the Illinois Trusts and trustees that allows for “virtual representation contracts” to be made by the administration of trust without the need for court action. These are agreements between the trustee of the trust and the main beneficiaries of confidence that can bind to other beneficiaries who would receive distribution in the second row of the primary beneficiary died before the assets were to be distributed. The interests of all beneficiaries of the trust must be substantially identical.

The main benefit of this Convention is that it allows a trustee, beneficiaries and remaindermen to implement the agreements without going to court and without having to appoint guardians ad Lite for beneficiaries. These agreements can be used to settle the ambiguity or clarify certain provisions in the trust document. They can also be used to make decisions about the powers or duties of trustee and many other issues that may arise in connection with the administration of the trust. These agreements contribute Accord and solidarity between beneficiaries without having to obtain a court order that approval may be costly in terms of both time and money.

For the contract to be valid, all the main beneficiaries will be adult and not disqualified, that is, they must be legally competent to make decisions. It should also be emphasized that the trustee shall be party to the Convention, not just beneficiaries.

There are some restrictions on the use of virtual representation agreements. While matters of administration confidence can be resolved by agreement, the virtual representation agreement can not be used to change the terms of the trust.

Virtual representation agreements can serve to solve various issues concerning the administration of the trust. Interested individuals should consult a lawyer to find out more about how virtual representation agreements may benefit them.

This article is intended to present general information for educational purposes, is not legal advice and should not be relied on in connection with a particular matter. The reader is advised to immediately hold his own separate legal counsel with respect to any specific legal issues. Rights to bring a claim runs through time by the applicable statute of limitations.


Source by Ralph Elliott

Hosted PBX Service Vs Premise-Based IP PBX System Life Cycle


Understanding The PBX System Life Cycle

On average, the traditional lifecycle of premise- based PBX will be between 7-10 years of use.

Traditionally PBX technology saw only minor improvements within this time span. Even as early as a decade ago, upgrade your PBX system had more to do with replacing worn out products and receive incremental improvements in the service you received.

However, PBX technology evolves now at a much faster rate than ever before, mainly due to the development of all-software VoIP-based systems. Although you can still own the same PBX system for 7-10 years, computer technology will now reach obsolescence faster than ever due to technological advances, and not a technical breakdown.

Benefits of VoIP Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX systems offer a wide range of significant improvements over traditional PBX, including the following:

  • flexibility. There is both easier and cheaper to scale VoIP system than the traditional PBX system, removing a major limitation on the growth of the business. Most Hosted PBX service providers will allow you to increase or decrease the number of extensions or features for the company’s needs.
  • flexibility. VoIP hosted PBX enables an organization to use fully connected outside customer service and sales team work from any location, whether you hire a new remote staff or allow current employees to work at home.
  • Reduced Overhead. With a little cash advance VoIP hosted PBX also provides cost-saving services in births long especially if you aim to grow your business.
  • Exceptional price-performance. Hosted VoIP services is packed with advanced PBX features at a fraction of the cost of licensing and Traditional PBX hardware.

Why Some Companies have not upgraded PBX System

Therefore, Unfortunately, a lot of companies have delayed taking advantage of the benefits of VoIP hosted PBX. The reasons behind these delays are due to historical circumstances but some problems with VoIP service.

First, remember that the traditional PBX lifecycle is 7-10 years long. Keep in mind that the average organization will hold off upgrading their infrastructure as long as possible, even in the best economic climate. It means that most organizations upgrade their PBX system every 10 years, barring an enormous potential crises that the necessary technological upgrades.

The average organization last update PBX system from 1999-2000 to protect their telephony systems against Y2K scare. For 2000 VoIP hosted PBX was not a viable solution for most organizations, so most companies upgrade their systems to a slightly improved traditional PBX system.

By upgrading their PBX system around 2000, most companies passed due for the next upgrade their in either 2009 or 2010-right in the middle of the worst economic conditions of the country seen in decades.

Recession prevented many organizations from upgrading PBX services. And some of the organizations that did upgrade PBX services decided to continue to use traditional PBX services and opt to upgrade to better (even more familiar) VoIP hosted PBX system.

Making the decision to upgrade to VoIP hosted PBX

PBX technology may have remained largely in place for years, but it has made a quantum leap in the last decade . What has the organization lost through the use of obsolete and inefficient system? What will get your organization by updating to the latest, most positive telephony technology?

but waiting s’ Rather the “perfect” time to upgrade phone service, it is wiser to updating VoIP hosted a PBX Color: as soon Color: as it is practical to no longer refuse your business growth and infrastructure improvements offered by vBulletin this improved technology.


Source by Sam Rozenfeld

A sneaky way to find out who is calling you


Have you ever been so tired of not knowing who is calling the number you wanted to change the voicemail message, something that would the outside world leave you alone?

Perhaps the new message might go something like this: .. “I’m sorry The number you have dialed is no longer in service If you think you have reached this number in error, please contact directory and call again. “

Although the message might be tempting, it is not going to help you find out which number is showing up on your caller ID.

When ignoring it is not an option

Sometimes you just do not recognize that number is on your caller ID, but you realize that there may be someone you really want to talk to. Maybe it’s someone you met at a party. Or, perhaps, it is someone you handed a business card and they want to hire you for a million dollars project.

You know you can not just avoid any caller whose number you do not know.

The Voice of Reason

Assuming that the caller is using a mobile phone, it is sneaky services for determining the number is calling your phone. Spy Dialer provides free cell phone search, with a twist.

Like other programs and websites that offer phone number lookup, you just have to enter the number you want to know. To use Spy Dialer, go to spy web dialer is. Enter the number of puzzle rings and click “call” icon.

You will be connected to the voice mail of a person to call the number. Beauty Spy Dialer is that it is anonymous. Their phone will not ring. The call will not show up on their caller. You do not understand the message of their voicemail. So, why use Spy Dialer?

Spy Dialer allows you to hear the message sender’s voice and see if the person whose number you are looking gives evidence of / on his. It is likely that a large hint must use the name! You will hear, “You have reached your (fill in name here),” and the mind can start trying to figure out if you really know the person. If the company, you will learn quickly and easily.

If you use an Android phone, you can pay for Spy Dialer and download Spy Dialer app. You will be able to bypass going to the website. Non-Android users can also pay for a subscription. Sometimes the free service will show up as “missed call”. The paid service does not.

Spy Dialer advertises as being “sneaky but legal”. Is not that what we’re really looking for when it comes to finding out who has been calling our code?

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Source by Tammi Tate

Monopolize the conversation and How to Stop it


Have you ever been part of a virtual team? Took part in an online meeting with technology? As virtual meetings between the teams becoming more common, new problems and new solutions are needed to combat these problems. One trouble that virtual teams may face conversation is a monopolization by one or two people on the team. Although it is difficult for everyone to have equal “air time” in the meetings, it is important to find ways to allow everyone to contribute.

Here are 6 tips in order to remedy this problem and get all the members of the meeting contribute

Tip # 1: Have team members introduce themselves at the start of the meeting
simple steps to take in the meeting to help everyone participate is a quick presentation of each person. This gives an early opportunity for each team member to say a few words and become more comfortable in the meeting.

Tip # 2: Bring basic etiquette for meeting
Another important step to take in the meeting is to bring several groups of rules or etiquette as time limits for discussion and response of the individual. Communicate these policies at the beginning of the meeting allows everyone to have the same understanding and creates a good flow of meeting with as much “air time”.

Tip # 3: Address members specifically ask for input
In virtual meetings, team leader needs to play a strong role to ensure all members have the opportunity to contribute. A simple way to do this is to, by any question or comment, asking for input for a particular individual. For example, “John, what do you think about the idea Alex?” This will help get quieter members involved and ensure that all parties are paying attention. We recommend that in the beginning of the meeting, make groups meet knowing you will have to call people by name for their input. This will help to focus their attention on the meeting and encourage participation.

Tip # 4: Have a one-on-one meetings with members of the meeting
As a team leader or manager, one-on-one meetings can also help to promote equal participation and reduce monopolization meetings. These one-on-one conversation with each team member can help the team leader discuss issues that occur during meetings team in a safe environment. Whether a person is monopolizing or did not contribute enough to the meeting, it can be easily explained and discussed in a clear and amicable manner.

Tip # 5: Designate a timekeeper in order to keep everything on schedule
Keeping track of time is another way to reduce the monopolization time in meetings. A common approach is to appoint a timekeeper to ensure team members stay within their time limits. It is also important to recognize and validate ideas are set by the person monopolizes the meeting. Without proper recognition they can feel under-appreciated and this will hurt the performance of the team as a whole.

Tip # 6: There are people at the meeting, if they are not relevant
The phrase “less is more” can be applied to virtual team meetings as well. Only team members are necessary for the meeting. Having a large number of individuals in the meeting will allow less people to express their ideas and create more congestion.

As the business world becomes more aware of the success of virtual meetings, the need for effective and productive virtual meetings is important. Although some meetings may leave some members silenced, with a few simple changes in these meetings can become productive meeting with all members actively participate. Virtual meetings would allow the maximum potential members to reality, changing the face of the business world as we know it.


Source by Claire Sookman

Pros and cons of leased lines


Leased lines are used by many companies that provide bandwidth stands. In the UK, leased lines are known as data lines and private circuits. It is also considered to be the most cost effective option especially for those using telephonic and internet services often. Many companies opt for this option, if their business is based on more than one point.

For example, a car dealership companies can take advantage of the leased line. The company can communicate with other dealership without a call or send fax documents; that information can be easily shared through a network equipped with a leased line.

Leased lines can be useful for telephone, data and Internet services. If you have high speed and strong network in your company, employees can be productive and useful. You can even connect networks and build a wide area network via leased line services.

You can select from a range of bandwidth from 64kbps to 622Mbps. The bandwidth offers you total privacy and security of valuable data and it also involves the transfer of data voice. Most of the companies offer a discount for leased line service for two five-year contract. They also provide support and help if any problems arise. So it is important to learn about the terms and conditions before purchasing leased line services. Leased line services have the ability to send data faster than DSL or VPN.

A fixed line is necessary to build a leased line services. You have to pay an annual fee and no additional fee is charged. It offers 24/7 service with full support and it will give you faster connection to the host server or network, at all times. You will also set up a center inside the building because it allows access to the internet. It is important to increase the speed and redundancy, if you connect the lines together.

You also need to increase bandwidth, if the number of your staff-members is increasing a network will be slow; therefore affect the efficiency of the company. With the help of a rent-line, you can connect separate offices and buildings. Data can be easily shared between different buildings that further improve productivity and efficiency of the staff. Once you have this system, you can have peer to peer voice over IP.

You can even share data and services at no extra cost. Leased lines offer a number of benefits to the business. They offer a fixed cost option especially for those companies who do not want to spend a lot of money. They allow a variety of features such as web hosting, email and e commerce.

In the business world, it is expected to provide the best customer service. Companies are in need of high speed internet and productivity. Leased lines will help them to improve their situation and provide high speed internet and telephonic services, as well as the efficiency of staff.


Source by Alex Tipu

How To Start Your Own Virtual Supplemental Education Services (SES): After School Tutoring Program


The type of business that offers federally funded supplementary educational services (SES) tutoring has changed drastically in some cases from years before. In the beginning, quite well-known companies and non-profit organizations that already offer private lessons Services SES tutoring services to school districts. Many parents, already familiar with the names and services these companies provide, were happy to get free tuition for their children. School districts were glad to get help for the children to experience the most challenges and were excited at the prospect of growing school achievement.

In some school districts, enrollment was paltry by districts simply do not have the staff, experience, time or money to implement mandated teaching requirement in the way the federal government for themselves. The federal government then stepped in to make it clear that school districts were to be advertised for parents that their children were eligible for free tuition to increase enrollment. By that time, SES exploded. The number of participating children increased along with the number of providers, particularly small independent providers. During the first 2 years SES, principals, teachers and other teachers watched program in action and in some cases, eventually hired by well-known companies to implement their plans. Those people began to understand that they would be very successful in conceiving and running programs because they were intimately familiar with their students and the challenges they face performance.

Number of provider applications in some countries has doubled every year and because of No Child Left Behind Act has set a benchmark themselves for qualification, the number of children involved continues to rise as well. The economy also played a contributing, yet unforeseen, involved in this phenomenon. With the increase in unemployment, the number of children eligible for free and reduced lunch increased thereby increasing the number of children’s rights. This combined with increased layoffs of teachers, all worked to create the current state SES. There are now hundreds of SES tutoring companies that are providing SES tutorial services for millions of children across the United States. But for many, few have taken some bold steps in venturing into the virtual realm. Changes education, more and more of it will be done remotely. If you are considering starting an online / virtual supplementary education service training organization, there are a few things you should consider before launching your business.

Each SES tutoring companies should strive to be as efficient and cost effective as possible and strategic use of technology is a great way to cut marketing costs as well as operating costs. Still other SES companies have chosen to run Virtual SES tutoring program using laptops, webcams, Skype, Portable Headphones, on my computer, MiFi Hot Spots ($ 20 – $ 80) – Verizon or a contract, Virgin Mobile and / or Clearwire (in some areas) – no deal ($ 35 – $ 60).

There are various online applications that will either support existing educational books and curriculum or are stand-alone applications, and others who use technology tools to present material to students. Standalone applications are fairly simple, you pay the license fee for each child (usually $ 5 to $ 10 per child per month or $ 99 a year is going to be typical) for a child to have unlimited access to their program. Many programs are interactive and are tailored specifically to each child’s learning ability. Learning CD will usually cost you a one time fee you would be able to use the same CD for many children.

This is a necessary part of any curriculum that re-quires the student to have access to the Internet. You can not rely on the school system to provide computers though you can certainly ask if they would allow you to use their computer lab. There are a couple of things to note here especially when it comes to cost and students actually be able to use the laptop. Do not buy any equipment that is unable to handle at least basic windows. Windows CE for example, the same type of software you will find on mobile devices and multiple applications, particularly interactive program your will again require additional capabilities. Netbooks are not a good idea, they are not designed to handle the most interactive online curriculum and if you get a guarantee against a loss, you are bound to run into problems with broken equipment.

It may take some time to really do your research to find cost effective laptop computers and the laptops can probably need to find overseas but your time is well spent looking Laptops rather than Netbooks.

You should know if you are running an online program that some countries and / or regions that do not allow online SES tutoring programs – such as Connecticut. Before deciding which states that ticket, you may want to contact your state education agency and consulting the state website to confirm that the online / virtual teaching is acceptable for additional education services.


Source by SK Tilton

How to Find Real Work From Home Customer Service Jobs Paying Guaranteed Salary


Work from Home jobs customers are attractive for a number of reasons:

1. Anyone with a home office and a minimal amount of service experience can get hired.
2. No in-person interviews are necessary, usually just a brief telephone interview.
3. The work is relatively easy and low stress.
4. You can be located anywhere in the country.
5. You will earn a guaranteed hourly wage, usually $ 8 to $ 12, plus bonus incentives if someone sell (upgrading) the case.
6. Shifts are available at all times of day and night.
7. Shifts are short – usually only 6 hours.
8. Perfect for stay-at-home parents looking to improve family income.

However, finding a legitimate work from home customer job, or legitimate telecommuting job for that matter, can literally feel like a job in itself. Where are these jobs include? When it comes to work in places at home, most online job boards jam packed with deceptive job offer, business, etc. The dominant bait and switch trick you will see is a company based advertising that sounds like a legitimate job offer which actually turns a “business opportunity in disguise” that will generally end up costing you anywhere from $ 50 to $ 500 should you choose to participate. Make no mistake … I’m not here to tell you that all business opportunities are fraudulent in nature. There are both good and bad companies in every industry and a lot of people have made money in MLM, affiliate marketing, etc. I just want to clarify that there is a big difference between working at home business and work from home customer job. Business opportunities need to buy a small franchise, or system, and then use that information to actually start and run your own business, which is never as easy as it sounds. Even if you do not have to worry about billing, order fulfillment, etc. you still have costs and competition is fierce in almost every online niche. Perhaps the most important distinction that we Biz Opps there are no guarantees that you will make money, even enough to recover the initial investment. The Federal Trade Commission says that over 95% of all home-based start-ups fail almost immediately, due to insufficient operating capital and resources. A work from home customer work, on the other hand, is just like a normal call center job in the sense that you have a mentor, plan, and secured paycheck … The difference is that you are able to work from home office anywhere in the country.

It is frustrating for job seekers to constantly encounter business ads on major online job boards, especially if you are only interested in real work from home services customer jobs pay guaranteed wage. If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve already gone to scroll through pages of help wanted ads, and maybe you’re already close to wits end phone. Fortunately, there are several ways you can change the direction, the spring ahead of the game, save time and avoid bogus advertising industries. Real work from home customer jobs are not available, the following section goes over some free and low cost resources and technology to find them. Also below are some practical tips for getting hired.

If you are going to use any of the popular free job boards looking for work from home customer jobs you will want to avoid looking for it may seem like the obvious keywords . The main word to avoid include “work from home” and “work at home” because they are the most frequently searched words and are targeted at companies advertising business that you are trying to avoid. Trying to search for the words “flexible” and “family friendly” and “Telecommute” and “telework” and “telecommuting” because they will probably call the appropriate conclusions.

The persistence of free job boards to find diamonds in the rough, but they can offer little in terms of entry level telework because there are so many people browsing the listings. As more and more companies save money by reducing office space and convert to a home-based employment model, telecommuting is becoming popular enough to justify the appearance of a new type of job boards – telecommuting job boards. The price of admission for job seekers may be as little as $ 14.95 and what you will get is a woman a database filled only with legitimate jobs that have been hand-screened by staff to weed out scams and business advertising. You will often find 100+ customers work from home jobs posted by reputable companies. Other categories telecommuter work among sales, writer / editor, medical billing, Answering Service operators, administrative work, technical support, consulting, research, online teaching, transcription, data entry, virtual assistant, etc. If you can afford a small price of admission, participate in professional telecommuter job board is sure to knock hours of job search.

find the right job is half the battle. Time to get hired. Make sure you emphasize customer service experience of the application and new. Most virtual call center jobs like to see 12 months, 6 months experience handling inbound calls can suffice. Sometimes if you are willing to work experience is not required. One huge tip that I can not emphasize enough when you’re applying for a job at Home client work is to upload pictures of your home office or workspace along with your application / resume. One or two photographs is fine. Do not go overboard. Make sure the work area is clean and professional. Many recruiters have indicated to have a neat, neat, dedicated work space in your home speaks volumes about the character and how effective you will be as telecommuting employee. Sending pictures of soda and pizza box littered dungeon probably will not help you too much. Attach photos of admirable work area is an easy way for you to stand out as good a job candidate. Remember, while working from home never have suggested looking over your shoulder telling you what to do, so it helps to show the hiring manager that you can be organized on your own. Also, if you have a fairly new computer, dust it off, and include a picture of it as well, or make sure it is visible in one of the images of the workspace.

Once you find work from home customer service job and apply the hiring process is generally rather short. If there are openings and you have some previous customer service experience (either at home or in a call center) you will probably get an interview. Fortunately, 90% of the time you will not be required to travel anywhere and sit through in-person interview. Instead, you must talk to the hiring manager by phone for a short (15 minutes) a telephone interview. This is good! Phone interviews are much less stressful and time-consuming than live interviews. Still, be sure to still take seriously a telephone interview. Hiring managers of large virtual call centers speak with new (and equally qualified) applicants on a daily basis, so you need to be on the team. It may sound obvious, but if it’s loud TV or a crying child in the background, no matter how qualified you are quickly going to the bottom of the pile, or deleted. So be sure you are in a quiet room with the door closed, using a phone connected to most landline. Have your resume close by so you can verify the information. You can also have notes well that no one can see you. Come across as friendly and eager to work! After all it is the customer service job …


Source by Amanda K Willis

Constellation Vs Cisco – Avaya VoIP telephone System


VoIP or Voice Over IP, the latest in wireless communication works take a call, changing from analog to digital signals and send these signals over IP network or broadband and finally terminate it on the PSTN. Call charges are greatly reduced using this technology. The advantage is that software emulation phone can be loaded on a laptop so enable you to access the service even while traveling.

VoIP SIP uses Session Initiation Protocol (), a peer-to-peer technology that allows computers to communicate with each other without having calls routed through some center. For calls from one SIP enabled phone to another cuts call charges drastically.

The Asterisk System comes with the Asterisk server that controls things like teleconferencing, voice mail, queues and keep music. The hard phone is a digital phone that has an Ethernet jack to communicate with the server using SIP protocol. They, including wireless version, are not very expensive. The soft phones are implemented in software and can be attached to a computer. Asterisk runs primarily on Linux, open source operating system.

Cisco has telephony solutions that are network based and run on the way. They are scalable and work well in a multi-user environment in mulitple locations. The UC500 is a suite of bundled services such as routers, switches, security, telephony and wireless functionality in one device. This greatly reduces the costs for companies that are planning this service. The Cisco Call Manager Express uses SIP to connect the phone via the Internet and also has properties UC 500 makes it more viable for medium scale. Additonal features include paging, intercom, ICMP and class limitations of handset users.

Avaya IP Office uses IP technology to carry voice and data communications, messaging and customer management across multiple sites with 2 to 300 people. It allows you to work from anywhere, host conferences, integrate applications, measure and improve customer satisfaction at the touch of a button. It is cost effective as it reduces long distance calls, conference fees, supports remote workers and helps keep business cooperation and up-to-date.

Three products can be compared on the basis of the following several criteria:

• Number of extensions: Asterix can support up to 100 extensions while Cisco and Avaya can go up to 360 extensions so suporting large organizations as well. This improves flexibility and helps to reduce costs in the long run.
• Free software: Asterisk is free and runs on the Linux server. This makes telephony solution cheaper than either Cisco or Avaya that make extensive use of routers and switches to communicate.
• Installation and maintenance: Asterisk programmer’s dream as it is open source and can be changed at will. However, for users, it can be a nightmare. Support and service is better with Cisco and Avaya set names in the industry.

The main thing going for Asterisk is its cost. However, it is not always wise to look at the initial cost items. Other criteria such as flexibility, integration of one device with other already existing, interoperatability and long-term options should be considered while choosing one product over another.


Source by Scott Camball

Effective communication systems that make our lives easier


In our fast paced society today continue to see advances in technology gives us more and more great things to make our lives easier. You can not deny the simple fact that these advances have really enhance our ability to communicate around the world.

If you take the time to think about it for a little while you can really see how big of a change has occurred in a very short time. One of the best inventions we have at our disposal is a telephone. Many of us still write letters once in a while, but just think how our world would be if we did not have a phone and all we used the mail and telegrams. With the phone you can just as easily call someone on the other side of the world as you can in your next door neighbor or friend in another town.

There is no doubt that the telephone communication significantly improved the way we do things and to think that without a phone we would not have the Internet as we do now. The longer we’re around the more we’ll see things grow in faster and easier. Even now you can send a text to someone on the other side of the world and get a response back almost immediately.

Not only does this help us with business, but also in other areas, such as vacation planning. You can now register online information about any part of the world, book tickets, rooms and even meals while sitting at home. And to think without sophisticated communications network in we would be unable to control traffic to make this all possible.

As you look at what we can not help but appreciate the advanced systems needed to put into place to make our lives easier as well as make the world seem like a smaller place. Without advanced our relations it would be impossible to effectively communicate with other countries in the matter as we do now. Can you imagine trying to negotiate a contract with another country by snail mail? It would not work. It would be possible to think that without quick communication our lives would be much less filled with what is happening around the world. Some might argue that it would be a better place, but you can not disagree that it would not be as fun.

I know every time I use the phone to talk to a loved one abroad I’m sure happy for communication that we have in place to allow us to do it.


Source by Jack G Jones